Hello and thanks for taking a few moments to stop by today!

I do know that as a child, I was always interested in what it was that people believed in and the reasons why it is that they do.   This process is fascinating since, at the core of each denomination, philosophy, or perceptions of one’s spirituality from around the globe, people have enriched my life in ways at times unexplainable.    With this ongoing process, I have come away with a deeper understanding learned from those who are just as devoted to their beliefs and the difference this made in their lives as I feel about my spiritual journey.

Because of this learning curve, if you will,  I still find that faith and one’s personal beliefs beckon with more insights that many have survived centuries, including Christianity through the ages.  This is a mark of a true spiritual journey.

As I always like to remind myself, gratitude and thanksgiving always open the doors for the gates of heaven to flow down in ways unspoken and at times just downright amazing!.   It is never late, always on time…..God’s time.