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Let me begin with a short note.   Just a short note ?  Me?  Did I really say short?  Well,on this page it will be.   Here we go……

I know that as a child, I was always interested in what it was that made people believe in and why it is that they do.    I found it fascinating, too , that at the core of each denomination, philosophy, or religion around the globe, the people enriched my life in ways at times unexplainable.    In the process, I have come away with a deeper understanding by those who are just as devoted in their beliefs.

And even now, no matter the culture, I still find faith and belief beckons with more insights and nuggets that have survived centuries.  This is a true spiritual journey.

And as a side note … always remember in the spirit of gratitude lies your deepest blessings.  Let’s begin on the roads of ‘the blessed road less traveled‘ and journey together.