gods at War

By Kyle Idleman

In “gods at war,” kyle idleman, bestselling author of “not a fan,” helps every believer recognize there are false gods at war within each of us, and they battle for the place of glory and control in our lives. What keeps us from truly following Jesus is that our hearts are pursuing something or someone else. Behind the sin you’re struggling with, the discouragement you’re dealing with, the lack of purpose you’re living with, is a false god that is winning the war for your heart.

According to Idleman, idolatry isn’t an issue – it is THE issue.

By asking insightful questions, Idleman reveals which false god each of us is allowing on the throne of our life. What do you sacrifice for? What makes you mad? What do you worry about? Whose applause do you long for? We are all wired for worship, but we often end up valuing and honoring the idols of money, sex, food, romance, success, and many others that keep us from the intimate relationship with God that we desire.

Using powerful and honest testimonies of those who have struggles in each area, “gods of war” illustrates a clear path away from the heartache of our twenty-first century idolatry back to the heart of God – enabling us to truly be completely committed followers of Jesus.

Kyle Idleman has taken the topic of idolatry, which has been a “hot topic” in Christian publishing recently, and written a great book that not only looks at what the Bible has to say, but is willing to challenge some areas that have become more acceptable sins in our culture. Most of us could probably agree that our culture has an idolatry problem with power, pleasure, and love.  I appreciated his willingness to bring that down to a personal level that we sometimes ignore: food, achievement, romance, and many more.

I have been musing for several weeks over his thoughts about how idolatry in America overlaps with our rampant issues. “God withholds his blessing in the very areas in which we lift up false gods. For example, has anyone noticed any significant economic problems in our money-obsessed culture lately? How about problems with food – obesity, junk food issues, nutritional issues? What about sex? Anybody see any sexual dysfunction in our culture?…We shouldn’t be surprised. After all, why would The Lord God bless us in the area that represents his greatest competition? So ask yourself: Is it possible that you’re seeing a financial drought, a sexual satisfaction drought, or some other kind of challenge, because you want it so bad that it has become a god? I’m not saying that’s always the case, but you shouldn’t expect God to help you down the path of chasing after an idol. He’s not going to bless the one area of your life that is robbing him of his place on the throne of your heart” (p. 76-77).

Kyle has a great style that is easy to read and keeps you turning the pages. He adds a good amount of humor (always read the footnotes) and excellent stories to illustrate his points. I read ‘gods at war’ this summer with a group of college students (both male and female) who enjoyed and were challenged by this book as much as I was. We also used and would recommend the 6-week small group study.

Published by: Zondervan

ISBN: 978-0-310-31884-2nd

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