Have We Failed Our Mission?

As I was cleaning out files from my two years of schooling, I kept many papers for future teaching, mostly women’s groups, but not one to exclude anyone else, if they are interested, including our men and brothers.   As I came across one paper that was my final, most dearly important paper and my last before graduation, I reviewed again the comments by my professor.  My thesis was written, aptly entitled Social Crisis in the Early Church, examining this crisis affecting the early church in fulfilling its social mission to widows (and orphans) as well as betterment of the overall community.

In reflecting on the innovative and new way to address social issues within the church body collective, it seemed that somehow the marked crisis that sparked the development of two offices [elders and deacons], has lost its focus even today.  There is a lot more specifics to the paper, however, the comment to this section I had written is what brought my musing over the state of our church body and its effectiveness in addressing today’s issues on unemployment, poverty, crime, violence, lack of judgment, spiritually dead to void leadership, and a sense of loss among many who believe in God; however, do not see the institution of a church as relevant.   I then hypothesized this question to myself….if Jesus were to return today, just to give the collective church body its report card status, how would we fare?

Here is the comment, my professor made to my point in the paper: Very important task of the church. Someone once said, if you see a city that is filled with poverty and crime, you see a city where the church has failed.

How would you rate, honestly, not judging activities that the church promotes or what one is involved in; asking readership to step outside one’s comfort zone and ask, has my church helped or failed?

Your musing thought for this week.  Until next time…….