A two day mini-series not to miss…


Be sure to watch this two-day series on December 7 and 8, 2014 on the Lifetime Network

8:00 p.m. Central/9: 00 pm Eastern

Two sisters in love with—and married to—the same man. A woman who’s heart’s desire is to hold a child of her own. A wife who grieves that her husband’s heart belongs to another. A forbidden romance. A violent act of revenge. A family torn apart.

It sounds like a reality TV show, but this story is not ripped from the headlines—it’s found in the pages of the Old Testament. Sunday and Monday (December 7-8 at 8pm Central), a retelling of this story will air on Lifetime in a two-night TV miniseries called The Red Tent.

Based on the bestselling novel by the same name, The Red Tent is a fictional re-imagining of the story of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob and sister to Joseph. The biblical account tells us Dinah’s wedding plans were interrupted by her angry brothers—the same brothers who would go on to father the tribes of Israel—but Scripture is silent about what happened next. Read her story in Genesis Chapter 34 and ask yourself: What would you have done in her place?

Courtesy of Women of Faith and YouTube