More than knowledge is needed

John 3:1-3: More Than Knowledge

Nicodemus was a member of the high council, the Sanhedrin. Members of the Sanhedrin included some of the best educated Jews of the day. Some, like Nicodemus, were of the party of the Pharisees, others were called Sadducees. The Pharisees grew to despise Jesus because He often referred to them as hypocrites. The Sadducees also were hostile to Him because in their view He undermined their authority. We may be surprised that Nicodemus would go visit Jesus. He would have had every reason to want to avoid any encounter with Him. Nevertheless, Nicodemus sought out Jesus and engaged in dialog with Him. This passage doesn’t tell us explicitly whether Nicodemus left convinced about Jesus, but he certainly left having heard from Jesus himself. Having heard the truth, he was responsible for how he would respond to it.

Nicodemus was well-educated in religious matters, but he was still lacking something. He needed to be born again or born of the Spirit. In the same way, our just having knowledge about religious things is not sufficient. We need an encounter with Jesus, to listen with understanding to His Word, and to respond in faith that we may be born from above or of the Spirit.

Courtesy of Lifeway Daily Devotional