Where Does One Draw The Line This Easter?

The Two – Law Rule: Simple

In the past weeks or so there has been much controversy over a bill that has erupted in an uproar due to its content and nature.  Now, I am not going to discuss the merits of this bill or its fallacies; this is not my focus here.  What is, however, a growing concern for a form of religiously- based spirited legalism that is currently developing that has questionable basis from my point-of-view.

Old Testament Laws

When reviewing the Old Testament, one should bear in mind that the Laws (613 of them) and other commands were given to a hard-necked, stubborn people of God, known as the Israelites (former Hebrews) at their demand of God; the world had their own laws that were anything but kind, just or fair compared to those God had designed for man, much less now post-sin, for His own chosen people.

The initial revelation of the Laws and Commandments to Moses were also a reminder to the nation of Israel of its inability to keep not even one from its inception.  Jesus had fulfilled the old laws as written in the Old Testament and before He left to return to heaven,  Jesus then announced a simple abrogation of the original 613 Laws, had now been combined into two simple laws: Love God and love your neighbor.  This does not mean murder is allowed, adultery, or other civil laws are invalid. We see this today in many states that have laws on the books that are modified, changed or abrogated; yet are still active as laws no matter when they were written.     Jesus, however, left us – two; simple.

The Two Laws:  Today’s Challenge

On the eve of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, serious reflection is needed today more than ever.

Do we really love God with all of our hearts, minds, souls and bodies?  Do we love our neighbors as ourselves?   With the events recently on the news, these two questions are very important for each person to reflect that claims they are followers of Christ.  The issue of homosexuality, lesbianism, gay, transgender, bisexual and ‘straight’ have been around as old as the time of man on earth.  This is not a new revelation of this existence.   From my understanding of reading scriptures, Jesus never mentions specifically the issue of homosexuality in his day (or any other label); however, he was vocal in his condemnation of all forms of sexual immorality [Mark 7:20-23]

Post Resurrection

 Since the early church, the challenge has been and will always be how to apply scripture to the times in which a people live, generation by generation and decade-by-decade.  This is the challenge of the church and of the collective body of believers even today.    The current trend is creating a serious dividing line that may lead to others being excluded.  If one is using biblical scripture to justify why they cannot do business or participate in a commemorative wedding, should those who commit fornication outside of marriage be denied services too?  Or are the flowers on Valentines’ Day are not be given to someone in your town who is known to be seeing Mrs. Rogers, who isn’t the purchaser’s wife and for whom the flowers are intended for?    An unwed mother’s friends are having a baby shower, should her family and friends be denied the services because the mother was not married?   Let’s take this a step further…….the nicely dressed man in a suit has a pretty hefty drug business on the side yet looks upright, honorable member of his community, a great job on Wall Street deposits money into his accounts.  This same dollar benefit is flushed in the cash load system of your local ATM.  You pull out your money to go about buying legal [or illegal items]; yet do you really know where that money came from?   Since you don’t want to take money or participate in an event that is not agreeable to you based on personal belief system, are you agreeable to paying for your lunch if you knew that same money came from a cash flow flush in the banking system from drugs, prostitution or some other questionable means is more acceptable than where doing business is concerned?   It’s ok to deny a baby your medical gifts that God gave you because you disagree with the lifestyle of the parents?  First of all, God is the author of life.  If he didn’t want that baby born, it would not have.   When an oath is taken, such as the Hippocratic Oath, is there a disclaimer that allows you to not render services in that oath?    I think not.  Even in Hippocrates time, the sexual gender issue was round, too.    God has a lot to say about vows and oaths and the consequences for violating them.  As one can see, it gets really ridiculous from here.

Food for Thought This Easter Eve

Nowhere does the Bible say anything about business rules and transactions and who to exclude, other than one should have the utmost business ethics in dealing with money with all that come your way; don’t cheat, no overcharging, no defective items, etc.  And most of us would not knowingly support a known violator of any laws.   In fact, in all of our dealings we are to be fair and honest — how many businesses can truly measure up to that rule?   My point in all of this is that a Pandora’s Box is being opened for which the decision will come:  where do we draw the line?   Jesus also reminded us about focusing on our sins and the House of God is LOADED with many whose sins are a stench to the Lord.  As my grandmother used to say to me as a child:  take that finger nail at the end of your finger you are using to point someone else’s wrongs; turn it towards yourself instead.   On the eve of the commemorative event of Jesus’ Resurrection for which many of us will walk into churches with new clothes, bright smiles, and satisfaction our lives are great; yet will God be happy we came to visit?