The ‘birth’ of this blog was truly a nugget of inspiration that began in 2014.   Things sometimes happen like that —- err, now what name do I give this blog?  Yeah, ask any blogger…..names are important……so …..then wallah! Ding – got it!   Ahh wait for it….another nugget of inspiration……how about a tree as a symbol, but not any tree?  Hmm…good idea.

Isaiah 41:19 says it perfectly:   “I will make trees grow in the desert. There will be cedar, acacias, olive trees, cypress, fir trees, and pines.”  And in another translation (ERV), focused on the word used as ‘acacias’ or Shittah tree.  According to the Bible Dictionary consulted concerning this unique tree (Mimosa-Nilotica) which is the inspiration for the blog’s name, can be found in Africa, Asia, India and various species similar to Egypt.  From this strong wood, tabernacles for worship were erected.

The allegory of this very wild growing tree and its fruit typifies the essence of the nature of man and his relationship connections to God.   Just as human nature is rooted by trusting our own choices, we become ‘spiritually’ blinded when using our own logic apart from our life source on the diverse roads of life.  If only we could see that—-this unknown road has many hidden treasures for the truth seeker.    This is the journey that I have given a special descriptive phrase of the “winding roads less traveled.”